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The range of referrals or self-referrals accepted is not limited, except where the resources available to Home-Start are not adequate to meet the number or complexity of cases. All referrers will be informed when Home-Start support begins and ends.

The primary purpose of Home-Start is to offer support, friendship and practical help to families in their own homes. Home-Start Birmingham North West do not offer services that involve looking after children home alone. Our primary aim to offer encouragement to parents, build on their strengths and promote independence to allow parents to enjoy family life.

In order for the scheme to establish if support is needed we advise the referrer to call the office to discuss the familys needs. This will allow us to explore the following

- Has the family willingly chosen Home-Start, has consent been given
- Does the referral fall within the remit of the scheme
- Does the referrer need to provide further information prior to a visit by the co-ordinator
- Does the scheme have the resources to support this family

The Co-Ordinator will then advise you whether it is appropriate for you to make the referral for support.

Please see below the link for an up to date version of our referral form.

Referral Form

Refusing a referral
If the referral does not fall within the remit of the scheme or there are insufficient resources to provide support, the referrer will be informed that Home-Start cannot help.

Response to Referrer
In the interest of the welfare of the child, we aim to respond to the referrer within two weeks to indicate the status of the referral. We will inform you

- If a referral has not been taken up so Home-Start will not be providing support
- If a family is placed on a waiting list (4 weeks at the most)
- When the Co-ordinator has made the initial visit to establish the needs of the family
- If a referral has been taken up and the nature of support to be offered, i.e. linked to a volunteer, group support
- If a family is to receive minimal support only
- When support to a family ends

We endeavour to keep referrers up to date with the progress of support for families.

If you would like to refer a family please call the office on 0121 321 2277 to discuss this with the scheme Co-Ordinator first.

If you have any queries in relation to any referral you have made please call the office for any updated information on 0121 321 2277.

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